We live and work in a global marketplace, where companies across the world are competing to acquire the best possible talent for their businesses, no matter where it exists


Established in 2014, Cognasia talent is a firm with a proven track record of successfully filling Executive and Leadership search mandates across Asia. Today, we are preferred partners and value-add service providers to our clients. We are currently empanelled for providing talent search services by several leading Global and Asian brands in the region.


Executive & Leadership Search

There are times when leaders think they are “stuck” and can’t think of what else to do in order to move the organization forward. Or they believe if they were to change/improve something within themselves, the greater organization would benefit. There may not be anyone at their level that they can have confidential conversations with. 

When looking for such change, a different perspective, or other important goals to reach at, Cognasia Talent can provide a team of independent, experienced coaches and consultants who advise businesses and leaders on strategic, cultural, and organizational change. 

Our associates guide high potential managers and senior leaders toward higher performance, higher standards, greater accountability, and routine excellence through an overall improvement in their skills, abilities and confidence of leaders.