We live and work in a global marketplace, where companies across the world are competing to acquire the best possible talent for their businesses, no matter where it exists.


The war for talent continues to rage across the business world. Companies are only as good as the people managing their businesses and therefore talent management is a growing investment for most businesses. Talent then, is clearly the lethal competitive advantage.


Board & CEO Services

At Cognasia Talent, we offer a specialized, confidential and fully customizable service that addresses requirements at the very top of the enterprise leadership. With the increasing accountability around Director Appointments, compliance and the sharpening focus on the quality of Governance, it is imperative that decisions made for filling Board positions and the C-Suite roles are addressed thoughtfully and comprehensively.

Our partners are well equipped and successfully tested, through their own experiences and through their networks to address these needs, including;

  • Board Evaluation
  • Board Compensation
  • CEO Search
  • Organization Design
  • Appointment of non-executive Directors, Governors, Advisory Board members Trustees
  • Succession Planning

We are also engaged by Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms for solving many of these requirements at their portfolio companies.