At Cognasia Talent, we are well positioned to quickly and efficiently respond to all your talent needs – especially the most pressing and critical ones.



Analytics & Decision Sciences

As the use of business and enterprise analytics expands across industries, specialized companies that provide Analytics & Decision Science services to their clients face the prospect of unprecedented growth and the real challenges of powering up to tap these growth opportunities. The foremost challenge is the spiking demand for trained and experienced analysts and consultants. At Cognasia Talent, we are uniquely positioned in helping our clients solve for talent requirements for these businesses across functions. We have a deep understanding of the requirements of this domain, a detailed view on where and how deep the talent pools are across and what are they looking for when considering moves. We currently serve some of the leading companies in this domain.

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

At Cognasia Talent, many of our Partners have senior business and leadership experience across the region across Financial Services. The industry in Asia is experiencing very real growth opportunities as well as fundamental challenges. The financial services landscape is going through foundational transformations with increased compliance and regulatory requirements and the advent of fintech. We have been successful in helping some of the largest Banks, Payment Networks, Insurance Companies, Asset Management Firms, Fintechs and Wealth Management firms acquire world class talent across the enterprise in several countries. Our areas of expertise include Consumer Banking and Payments, Corporate & Investment Banking, Commercial Banking, Transaction Banking, Private Wealth, Asset Management, General & Life Insurers. We have filled several leadership positions across Markets and Functions.

Consulting & Professional Services

We address the needs of firms in Strategy & Management Consulting, Accounting & Tax and Legal Services. We understand the importance of Human Capital in the Professional Services space. Our assignments include the recruitment and succession planning for roles such as Partners, Senior Consultants, Directors and Practice Leaders across regional and global services firms. Our ability to understand the role and its fitment in the Client’s plans enables us to deploy targeted search strategies and assess prospective candidates through the Client’s lens. We get the need and the balance required between ideation, strategizing and execution for these roles. The importance of intellectual curiosity, creative and critical thinking, data led analysis and the structuring of thoughts to uncover actionable items are some of the key assessments we make in our recommendations. We have successfully placed roles across all levels for firms across Asia.

Industrials & Manufacturing

The industrials world is on the cusp of transformational change today with yet another revolution sweeping the domain. Supply chains, manufacturing tools, process and engineering, sales & distribution processes are merging with the new forces of IoT, big data and program management to birth new process and management trends. Machines, Industrial Components and Data Management systems are coming together in innovative ways thereby demanding a fresh look at the talent requirements in these industries. At Cognasia Talent, we offer Industrial insight with local talent acquisition know-how to enable our clients to gear up for what’s around the corner. Our work spans companies in the OEM and OES sectors, Services and Distribution Chains.


At Cognasia Talent, we are geared to anticipate and respond to the demands made of the Technology industry in this rapidly evolving space. The digital transformation wave is ubiquitous and has thrown up several areas of product focus in the industry including Hardware, Networking, Software & Internet, System Integration, Cloud Computing, Data and Advanced Analytics and Mobility solutioning. Outsourcing is evolving rapidly to meet the new demands in the market place. Convergence of technology with industries across the board have rewritten many a role description and changed processes and programs completely. We have responded with specific industry centric resources that work with clients in an efficient and seamless way across borders to address their ongoing talent requirements. Our clients include Networking companies, Mobility Solution providers and Software solutioning companies.

Consumer & Retail

These sectors promise exciting growth opportunities across Asia with the emergence of the digital economy. E-commerce and mobile shopping, improved targeting and new alliances are adding to the complexity of the sector even while opening new channels to consumers. At Cognasia Talent, we take a structured approach to Executive Search based on a deep understanding of the consumer retail sales and marketing space. Our consultants bring clear visibility to its key payers and a well-developed understanding of the industry trends. When coupled with our expanding network of high-level relationships, we bring industry leading capabilities to the search process. We have successfully delivered mandates for Big Box Retail chains, Fashion Apparel manufacturers, the Agri & Food industry and consumer healthcare and Consumer DIY.